The businesses of The Metal Link LLC (CutsMetal, The Metal Link, and The Cutlery Link) adhere to highest standards in quality of products and quality of service.  There are four primary values that we adhere to:  Quality, Affordable Products, Convenience, and Fast Shipping.


The Metal Link LLC businesses only carry the highest quality products on the market!  We have very strict quality standards that we apply to every product that we carry.  You will be very pleased with the quality of all of the products that you order.  Our quality standards are something that you can count on!


The Metal Link LLC has the most affordable cosmetic diamond plate sheets and cutlery on the market!  We believe that our customers should be able to have high quality products at reasonable prices.  You will find that The Metal Link LLC consistently, has the best prices on cosmetic diamond plate sheet and cutlery on the market!


The Metal Link LLC believes that your time is precious.  Therefore, we make ordering from us, very convenient.  We offer several ways that you can order our quality products.  You can order online from our website or Facebook page (for CutsMetal), or you can call us to place your order.


The Metal Link LLC knows that in today’s fast paced world, getting your products quickly and on time, is very important!  Most places in the continental United States, can get their orders within 1-3 days of payment processing.  We use only quick, dependable shipping methods!


Below are links to the websites of each of The Metal Link LLC businesses.